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Renaissance Faire Batman and Catwoman Costumes

Whoa, the Dark Knight is actually a Knight and a badass one at that. Catwoman looks like she could be in the Assassin's Creed games. The imagination goes wild with all the possibilities of these costume until you notice the the beer stein hanging from Batman's belt. Then all you can picture is the two of them sitting in the beer gardens at the Renaissance Faire. Enjoy the mead.
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Che T-Shirt Costume

If one is so compelled to go as revolutionary Che Guevara for Halloween, would they be more recognized in full guerrilla military garb or as a t-shirt? Quite possibly the later as this guy proves with his buddy. Double thumbs up, great costume.
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Steampunk Abe Lincoln Costume

Want to know who is getting my vote this November? Steampunk Abe Lincoln, that's who. I am voting him President of the Earth. Not because Steampunk Abe Lincoln is the hero we need right now, but he is the hero we deserve. Oh, wait, I think I am talking about Steampunk Batman.
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Kids Abe Lincoln Penny Costume

Penny for you thoughts? Yeah, um... my thought is that this kids is going to win the school costume contest but shortly thereafter is going to be beaten up by the kid wearing a really cool bad-ass Dark Knight Rises Bane costume. "First you will watch your precious Union burn, then you will have my permission to die, Mr. Lincoln".

Wait, no. Sorry, that is way to clever for a kid dressed as Bane to say.
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Coors Light Samurai Ninja Costume

What is Japanese for 'the silver bullet'? All his Frat brothers assured him his Coor light samurai costume would get an A in his Art History 101 course. At least he had a proper outfit to wear to last summer's Nickelback concert.
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