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Robo Lincoln Steampunk Costume

Steampunked Abraham Lincoln Costume

Thanks to Bob for sending in his costume. He created the perfect Halloween costume if your goal is to stand around and not do anything. Unless you want to pull a Ghostbusters II at times and dance around to "Higher and Higher".

There is a downside. You might get some punk teenagers trying to answer the age old question of what's up the skirt for themselves.

Where did he find those sandals? They look like the actual pair on the Statue of Liberty.
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What do you get when you're sporting a vintage costume, chin curtain beard, top hat, steampunk gadgetry, and a bad ass attitude? Robo Abraham Lincoln!

Robo Lincoln Steampunk Costume

Steampunked Abraham Lincoln Costume

These pictures are so patriotic. The only thing that's missing to push it over the top is him holding the American flag.
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Baberaham Lincoln Costume
Sexy Baberaham Lincoln

Nice take on the sexy Baberaham Lincoln costume. I never thought I would be attracted to a woman with facial hair like Honest Abe.

Although, it is really odd picturing what Abraham Lincoln might look like if he decided to go drag for Halloween (or any other night of the week).
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Sexy Ninja Warrior Costume

As long as she is wearing this sexy ninja costume she can kick my ass or assassinate me any time she wants.
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Che Costume

By looking at this Halloween costume I can tell Che Guevara was a revolutionary soldier and harsh disciplinarian. Clearly this cat pushed the wrong buttons by trying to defect his guerilla army and is about to be punished.

Last words the cat heard: "I'm Che Guevara, and you are worth more to me dead than alive!"
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