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Truly this takes the cake and eats it to when it comes to bad taste. Even the pun "Elton Jon Benet" makes you want to back hand his face. Actually the look on his face made me want to do that. I'm hard to offend but I don't think I could have been at the same party as this guy,

For those that don't watch the news more info here.

Thanks to Sandy for sending this in and having the self control not to slap this guy.

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Recently overheard at a Comic Convention: "Oh that's very interesting.... you're from what TV series again?.... oh shit check it out it's Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat! Sorry I've got a get a photo of this, bye."

Seriously though this kind of thing ticks so many boxes it's hard to know where to start. You can easily slip in between cosplay convention and S&M club with no need to change outfits. Also if a sword fight breaks out you're covered too. Well barely covered in this costume.

Note: Chain mail looks so much better on women.

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A World Trade Centre Costume?! Even I don't have the balls to touch this one.

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I love photos like this where no one else is in costume. Also why is he carrying around a cup? It must be thirsty work looking this bad ass.

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Inspired by the famous Nat Geo photo from 1984 reffered to as Afghan Girl. Although the women in the costume doesn't seem as nice as the original.


This is similar to the Girl in the Pearl Earring and Mona Lisa costumes featured earlier.

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