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10 points for originality and execution.

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This guy spent the whole night talking to the two balloons thinking they were hot chicks as his visor was tinted to heavily. Only to end up soiling himself on the dancefloor.

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If you're planning on trying to "pick up" at the Halloween costume party don't go as a caveman. Or if you do go as a friendlier Flintsons character. Oh and good luck catching a cab home too.

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When is the last time you saw Hitler and smiled?

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Truly inspired! It's people like this that make everyone else's costume look crap. You can also make this crass joke without getting in trouble: "Do you give good head?"

Here's a step by step guide on how to make it on as featured in Make magazine.

Also check out Nicole's blog to see a preview of her costume for 2007. This is looking just as good.

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