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I wonder if the Ghostbusters have something in their contracts making them NOT responsible for accidentally zapping humans on suspicion of being poltergeist during Halloween.

To be safe they should probably have it for the whole month of October.

Ghostbusters Logo Costume Slimer and Ghostbusters Logo Costumes

These Ghostbusters themed costumes definitely qualify as something strange in the neighborhood. Add to that; the costumes are weird (especially the Slimer Halloween costume) and don't look good. Time pick up the phone and call GHOSTBUSTERS!
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Disney Zombie Costumes

At first I was in denial that 2D animation was dead thanks to the popularity of computer animated movies. But now it looks like even our favorite classic Disney characters have given up the fight and turned into flesh eating zombies.

I have to say, these Halloween costumes put a great spin on the traditional Disney costume theme.
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Sexy Black Widow Costume

Black Widow Costume

Oh black leather you have yet to disappoint me when it comes to sexy costumes.

I know if you are dressing in an Iron Man Costume this Halloween you are probably single. But, if you can find someone to dress as Black Widow that would make a killer couples costume.
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Baby Chestburster Costume

This Alien chestburster costume is perferct for the new dads who do not want to stay home on Halloween night.
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Bill and Ted Costumes

With these Bill and Ted Halloween costumes you would be able to save a few bucks on accessories by using the classic air guitar. Excellent!
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