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This is the only costume that lets you walk around Halloween with a giant rubber fist and get your laughs. You can also go around being crass to women saying stuff like "I make love explosion on your chest" and as long as they have seen the Borat movie you'll get a laugh. If not you'll get slapped and maybe beaten up by some meat head dressed as Wolverine.

Just don't superglue your head to your friends Julian Caesar costume. Or your Halloween party night will be ruined.


Thanks to Jake Reber for sending these in. Who this year tells us he'll be going as Chris Benoit. Let's just hope he's not planning on going as the whole family. Ouch!

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Toddlers are perfect for Oompa Loompa costumes. It's easy to make too.


Costume is fine it just fails when anyone over 4 ft wears them.


Once again adding a pimp twist to a costume works really well.


I'm not sure what's worse. The costume or the decor.


I'm a sucker for a dog in a costume oh and dogs in wigs.

So unless you're a toddler, dog or midget don't attempt a Oompa Loompa costume this Halloween.

Serious Note: If you were an Oompa Loompa you'd find these costumes as offensive as a Goolly Wogg doll or someone in "black face". Think about how your actions affect other people's feelings this Halloween.

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Picking on people in costume outside of a Comic Con might seem like a fun idea but you want to make sure you pick on someone smaller than you (like this guy) and avoid getting a royal beat down handed to you by uber serious fan boys.

No one will remember who they were they'll just remember you got beaten up at a Comic Convention.

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Blade comes out of retirement for Blade 4. The costume still just as kick ass but it needed to be taken out a few sizes.

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There isn't much work for a model with one leg. Luckily she's smoking cute and Planet Terror featured a one leg femme fatal. I've never felt so attracted to a women missing a limb before.

Here's what the costume looks like when you don't have the finance from the film studio and two legs. Mmm not quite the same on so many levels.


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