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The Dark Knight made a bucket load of cash and while Batman was the hero everyone loved The Joker. So get ready for every Halloween party to have at least 5 jokers. And if you dead set on going as The Joker then you better make sure your costume is as good as this one.


Or you'll end up looking like the ones below.


Even worse is if you leave your costume buying till the last minute, and have to get a rental costume, you'll end up with something like this.


My bet would be to pick a movie that hasn't come out yet (Watchmen for instance) and go there.

Bad Taste Area: If you really want to make a scene (in a bad taste way) you can try this costume idea and dress up as Heath Ledger.


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Cosplay is much easier for cute girls. Basically you put on any costume and it's instantly sexy. Like this one from Riddle


I think I'm in love!

It's between Hellgirl and Dr Girlfriend for the biggest nerd boner costume of the year.

Here's some other attempts at the same costume with varying success.


This Hellboy dude should cheer up.

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You know when you watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off and he rigged the bed, the door and the recording to trick his parents into thinking he was still in bed sick when really he was off doing wild and crazy 80's things and you though who the fuck coudl rig that up. This is the kind of talented smart ass Wayne Neumaier is. He sent this in. I bet it lights up and everything.

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I'm only going off the original Mario Bros. games but I think Luigi always had to go sloppy seconds. And by the look on his face I don't think he cares.

Thanks Sam for sending this in. I'll leave it to my imagination as to what happened after this photo.

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Eric sent this in to me. He's the one dressed as Ash from Evil dead. Thats Jason and a zombie also in the photo. While everyone's gone to a fantastic effort on their costume they forgot that a zombie has no need for an axe. That is unless it was a lumberjack zombie but then he'd be wearing plaid.

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