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sexy Alice in wonderland costume

Here's what the original Alice would think of this costume.

Basically any female Disney character is up for grabs when it comes to sexy Halloween costumes. Except maybe for Ursula from the Little Mermaid. This Sexy Alice in Wonderland costume makes me want to dress up like a rabbit and chase her down the hole. Except this model may have been crippled as she can't seem to stand straight.

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Spaceballs is one of my fav films. Not that I want to see it again as it will ruin the image of the film I have in my head. This costume not only ticks the "Well constructed" box but also ticks the "no one will know its me" box too.

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I can't decide which is funnier, the costume or the baby's expression.

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At first you think this is kinda cute. The little kid dressed up. Then you see the dudes got a beard and now think "What a shit effort, where's the blades?!".

He's probably presenting his wrists there to be hand cuffed and taken away by the Crap Costume Police (CCP).

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10 points for movie choice. I would have chosen the scene where Jack has it off with the zombie like old lady but that's because I'm freaky that way.

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