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Sexy Wheres Wilma Wenda Costume

Found you! This Where's Wilma costume was a fan pic from our awesome WTF Facebook page. Is it Wilma or her twin sister Wenda? Do you know that Waldo has dated them both? Fellas, get out your Waldo Costumes, twins are apparently into the red and white stripes.
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Star Wars X Wing Fighter Pilot Beard Costume

X-Wing Pilot with X-Wing Beard. Yeah... the rebel alliance keep him in the special squadron. George Lucas- This.Is.Your.Legacy.
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Tardis Head Costume

Ever have time and relative dimension in space on the brain? So does this guy. Even the TARDIS thinks a fez is cool.
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Kids Doctor Who Costumes
Kids 11th Doctor Who Costume

Bow ties are cool at any age.

I kind of want to see Kid Doctor Who battle Baby Hitler.
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Batman Facial Hair

Do you think he shaved the Superman "S" into his chest hair as well? He better shave that off before summer or deal with the most epic tan lines ever!
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