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Pixelated Halloween Costume

There are people who skimp on their costume (that's what this site is mostly about), but this is going too far. It's such a low quality costume that it has become pixelated.

It's a little weird looking at an image of someone dressed up as an image.
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Firefox Logo Costume

Firefox Web Browser Costume

I am hopeful people will try to create other costumes based on the other web browsers.

I'd like to see what you could come up with for Internet Explorer. Safari would probably be the next easiest but it almost would feel like a copout dressing as an adventurer holding a compass.

But that's coming from someone who thinks dressing as a sexy fox and holding a globe is awesome.
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Generic Facebook Profile Costume

With the David Fincher film The Social Network in theaters tomorrow (October 1st, 2010) I thought it would be best to add a new Facebook themed costume. The costume is based on the default profile image.

You don't get to 500 million friends with a Halloween costume like this.

Shameless plug: Be sure to join our WTF Costumes fan page.
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Steve Jobs Costume

The key to a great Steve Jobs Halloween costume is the expression in your face.

Not everyone can pull of wearing the same clothes every day. But, does it bother anyone else that he doesn't wear a belt? Wear a belt Steve!
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Is anybody else hungry for some beets?
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