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Time spent on costume 15 hrs. Time spent photographing it 2 min.

Let's get serious here for a minute (put on a serious face). If you spend this long on what is a really solid costume make sure you get some good photos of it. Maybe ones without people in the background.

And this photo here looks like a nerd version of the Abu Ghraib prison photos. Or a futuristic sex scene. Either way kinda scary. I do like the Warhammer 4000 costume too.

Thanks to Myles Allen (the guy in the Iron Man costume) for sending this in.

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Some day aliens will look back to Earth and wonder WTF is going on. There advanced minds cannot comprehend the complex nuances in this costume and the video below.

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Another submission this time from Alan Smith not to be confused with the other 6 million Alan Smiths out there who don't dress at Lego.

A little bit of paint and you could rework this costume the next year to be Zombie Lego men and save yourself the hassle during Halloween.

One thing I did notice is the party here looks totally shit.

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Whenever I hear the word Nintendo Fan boy i think of this guy. It makes me angry that this is the image that springs to mind. So I'm sharing it with you all to spread the pain.

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OK I know I got it wrong originally so I am trying to appease the FSM fans with this collation of FSM costumes. Some good some bad but one thing is for sure you're bound to get a WTF from any friend who hasn't drunk the Kool Aid on this trend.

Photos found here, here and here.

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