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Banksy Graffiti Costume

For those of you who don't know Banksy is renown graffiti street artist. This costume duplicates one of his works. Chances are this guy had to explain this to everyone he met on Halloween night only to replied with, "yeah bro, graffiti is pretty sweet."
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Kids Snowglobe Costume

This snow globe is a very clever kids costume. It is also funny for the following two reasons.
1) Hawaii is the most ironic state to have a snow globe for.
2) It looks like she has about 3 minutes of air left in that thing.
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Car Seat Costume

Wow, I am not sure what this is. Are we witnessing a prank in process, some kind of WTF costume or a botched worst-ever human trafficking attempt.
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Che T-Shirt Costume

If one is so compelled to go as revolutionary Che Guevara for Halloween, would they be more recognized in full guerrilla military garb or as a t-shirt? Quite possibly the later as this guy proves with his buddy. Double thumbs up, great costume.
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Chia Pet Costume

Naturally, the Chia Pet Costume is one of the best options for dressing up a small dog for Halloween. Just be sure to keep the leash on. It will be difficult finding the pooch if it scampers away. The Chia Pet Costume is natural camouflage after all.

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