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Sexy Middle Earth Map Dress- Lord of the RIngs Dress

Middle Earth Map Dress. The South Road into Minas Tirith has never looked more sexy. Wait, wait... you will be lucky to make the journey to the Fields of Pelennor. LOL. I am making nerd map jokes about Gondor being located at her crotch.
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Custom Made Fancy Dresses

Here are some really crafty dresses from Nicole Linder. The cost of admission for a 3D movie might actually be worth it if the 3D glasses outift was the dress code for female ticket holders.

And what else is there to say about the toy gun Halloween sure get the BANG for your buck.
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Battleship Costume

Turret Gun Layout

Battleship Costume Construction

Happy Battleship Costume Friends

Well if this isn't the perfect buddy costume. I like the look of their faces in the last picture. I bet someone said "I'm going to sink your battleship!" for the twentieth time that day and they're trying to make it look like it's the first time they've heard it.

Believe it or not this massive 2 person Battleship Halloween costume is packing live artillery (4 automatic NERF guns).

The whole costume is made from painted cardboard and contains the following:

  • Beer holder on each turret (wouldn't be a true battleship without them)
  • Ammo box on each turret with 120 bullets
  • Removable bridge section with figures inside
  • Elasticated shoulder straps
  • Removable flag

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Robo Lincoln Steampunk Costume

Steampunked Abraham Lincoln Costume

Thanks to Bob for sending in his costume. He created the perfect Halloween costume if your goal is to stand around and not do anything. Unless you want to pull a Ghostbusters II at times and dance around to "Higher and Higher".

There is a downside. You might get some punk teenagers trying to answer the age old question of what's up the skirt for themselves.

Where did he find those sandals? They look like the actual pair on the Statue of Liberty.
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Gum Stuck on Shoe

Gum on the bottom of a shoe Halloween costume; clever. This is probably ranks up there as one of the cheapest homemade costumes you can come up with.

That is if you have a sweatshirt the color of a gum brand.

Unfortunately, I do not. Not red for Big Red or green for Wrigley's Spearmint. I do however have a brown sweatshirt. Which means, instead of gum I can go as the ultimate thing you don't want stuck on the bottom of your shoe....POOP!
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