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Kids iPod Costumes

Nothing like ruining the Halloween season for your kids then by having them dress in consumer product costumes instead of their favorite superhero costume or classic Halloween costumes.

They probably have no idea what an iPod is.
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Living Room Transformer Costume

If this Living Room Transformer is put into Transformers 3 as a new character then that franchise will have offically gone below rock bottom.

Although, this character would be an improvement over the robot that humped Megan Fox in Transformers 2.
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Toilet Paper Roll Costume

I think this toilet paper roll costume would be a kick-ass mascot for Scott Paper Company. Not so much for Halloween since you will not be able to drink easily.
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Bathroom Wall Costume

This is a clever way to get your friends involved with your Halloween costume. I don't know what I would write on his costume. Maybe "When did I eat that?"
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Missing Person Costume

Some people wake up in the morning and the first thing they check is the obituaries. Not me, I whip out a new carton of milk and check the missing persons.
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