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Iron Man Costume

I heard there was going to be a couple new suits in Iron Man 2, and this must be one of them. It is known as the Mark LXIX. This costume should be useful when he gets pressed into rough situations and needs a smooth getaway.
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Kids Gnome Costume

A gnome costume is more for being punished then having fun. If your kid is being bad forget having them sit in a corner. No, it would be much more penalizing to have them get dressed in their gnome Halloween costume and stand still in the front yard.

That'll teach 'em.
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Vincent Van Gogh Costume

Here is a great Halloween costume idea recreating a Vincent van Gogh self portrait. You could even do a spin on it the following Halloween by making it look like you cut off your ear and having the jacket and canvas covered in blood.
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Voodoo Doll Costume

WARNING: Dangerous Halloween costume. Be aware of Halloween accessories such as pirate swords, lightsabers, wands, and other stabbing objects.
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Ball Pit Costume

--"Watch out children, there's a snake in the ball pit!!"

All I will say is you have to have balls to wear this Halloween costume.
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