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This Halloween costume brought back some fond memories of me and my digital pet. The odd thing is when Skittles died, I kind of felt relieved. Is that wrong?

I wonder if this costume could be the new way for a woman to hint that her biological clock is ticking.
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Don't these Halloween costumes just make you want to get a massive group together and create one of the most boring war reenactments ever.
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I thought this was a cool costume and then I read it was created in Japan and is actually a simple red skirt that transforms into an urban camouflage soda machine.

All the best stuff is made in Japan.
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Here is a Halloween couples costume that will help you get some action. It must be disappointing when you spin a color other then red.

I guess that's when you offer a free bonus spin. Or you can just cheat.
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You know you've gone a little too far on the drinking during Halloween when your head turns into a gigantic hammer and you flash a peace sign.
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