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Banksy Graffiti Costume

For those of you who don't know Banksy is renown graffiti street artist. This costume duplicates one of his works. Chances are this guy had to explain this to everyone he met on Halloween night only to replied with, "yeah bro, graffiti is pretty sweet."
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McDonalds Worker Zombie Costume

First there was the Burger King horse meat scandal, now there fast food restaurants using human meat in their food? Soylent Green is People! Soylent Green is People! And it makes you a Zombie! That sure would make a okay science fiction movie. Just okay though- I would expect to see this movie on the SyFy Channel by the end of the year. And on a completely secondary note, the zombie lady in the picture has some awesome blood-spatter cleavage going on. Very tasteful.
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Aspiring Gynecologist Costume

Here's another fan submitted photo. Some people will dress up as their favorite profession for Halloween, something they always wanted to be growing up- like an Astronaut or Fireman. Perhaps it is not the average kid that dreams of becoming a Gynecologist one day- but to each their own! Needless to say, this man has a very proud mother somewhere.
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Zombie Office Worker Costume

Does somebody have 'A Case of the Mondays'? LOL, but seriosuly, here is a creative zombie office worker costume submitted via out facebook page. Ouch. Talk about being attached to your job. LOL, okay, i'll stop.
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Identity Thief Costume

Here is at a last minute costume idea for Halloween- the Identity Thief. You know, someone who steals your personal information and CC numbers online. It is good to see the classic pantyhose over the face look has survived in the thief profession as they transitioned from analog to digital.
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