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Badass Ghostbusters Uniform Costume

Definitely the most badass Ghostbuster I've seen today. I just look at the guy and I start hearing The Rolling Stone's "Paint It, Black". That isn't weird, is it?
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Kids Suicide Bomber Costume

This is so wrong. So simple yet so effectively offensive. I take my hat of to you, kids suicide bomber costume, you are most definitely WTF worthy.
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Bodybuilder Batman Costume

So that's what Batman looks like under the costume. Hmmm... his modesty is also surprisingly gone. The idea of the psychologically torn caped crusader is a bit lost in this photo.
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Imperial Life Guard Costume

The Imperial life guard costume would have been better executed if done by a Pamela Anderson look-alike. But I'm not going to lie, i still hear the Baywatch theme in my head when I look at this picture. Chewbacca would totally play Hasselhoff, right? Right ???
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Popemobile Costume

Popemobile Costume

If you ever find yourself making a cardboard Popemobile costume and wonder what is needed to take this creation to the next caliber- the answer is baby doll arms. It is clever, creepy, and all-around-general WTF. *thanks to Laura for these fan-submitted photos*
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