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This costume is perfect for people like we how don't like to dance. You just have to stay in character.

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sexy sailor costume
sexy sailor costume 2

I think Scientologists have been given a bad wrap. Well that's what I' be saying if the Sea Org representative looked and dressed like this like this. I'd take all the free stress test it took.
Get this Sexy Sailor Costume here and if the Scientology overtones seem a little unsexy then just recreate Gilligans Island.

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Nurse and Volcano Costume

My knowledge of all things weird doesn't cover knowing WTF this is meant to be.

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This guy spent the whole night talking to the two balloons thinking they were hot chicks as his visor was tinted to heavily. Only to end up soiling himself on the dancefloor.

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Even a vegetarian would have a hard time refusing a coupon from this burger establishment.

Here's her photos on Flickr.

Here she is topless in the next photo!?

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