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What this guy lack is realism he makes up for in size. I think this tops the previous Dragon Ball Z hair costume.

Too bad the dude rocked up a week too late for for the Comic Convention. Hence his anger and the fact no one else is there.

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Bender Costume

Kiss my shiny tin foil ass.

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Awesom-O 4000 Costume

Awesomo needs a drink. Awesomo will rock this party. Awesome is going to barf.

The attention to detail on this Southpark costume is great. For once a cardboard robot actually works.

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The Simpson's seem like an easy one for Halloween costumes. But don't be fooled it can easily be done badly like below.

I don't know what's worse the costumes or the curtains.

This is the homer that skins you alive and uses your skin for his tie collection.

Why even bother with the face make-up? Your costume sucks ass. And yes I'm talking to both of you.

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Notice the difference? Yep the lady above forgot about the boots. Why do to all the effort and forget the footwear?

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