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Mr Garrison Costume

The hardest part of putting together a Mr. Garrison costume is finding a suitable green sweater. Those things probably haven't been mass produced since the 90's.

I still think that if you want to dress up as a South Park character Towelie is the way to go. Look at how much more fun he's having compared to Mr. Garrison.
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Below are a couple images of a couple friends who did some site seeing in Philadelphia dressed Gumby's nemeses the Blockheads.

Blockheads with Rocky Balboa

Here the Blockheads are standing next to the statue of their idol, Rocky Balboa. Who has been known to be a blockhead from time to time.

Blockheads Philadelphia Monopoly Wheelbarrow

Blockhead G isn't as impressed with the Philadelphia Monopoly Wheelbarrow like Blockhead J is. I can see why since the small version should be the same size to them.
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SpongeBob and Patrick Costumes

These homemade costumes are prime examples of what you can accomplish by doing your Halloween costume shopping at Wal-Mart.

Those are some stylish shorts Patrick has on. I don't even want to know what prop they used for the nose on SpongeBob SquarePants. It doesn't look natural.

Thanks Wal-Mart for your cheap products and excellent customer service!
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Sexy Robot Chicken Costume

Normally, I wouldn't say that a Halloween costume base on a road-killed cyborg chicken is sexy. But, based on all the other versions of this Halloween costume this is probably the sexiest of them all.

She is after all wearing high heels. Doesn't that automatically make it a sexy costume?
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I'd like to see what Mister Rogers' neighborhood looks like after he talks a stroll through it. Mr. McFeely better watch himself on his delivery route. The Neighborhood of Make-Believe must be in utter chaos!

Zombie Mr. Rogers Costume

He did a killer job on his costume make up. If I had to picture Mister Rogers as a killer zombie this is what he'd look like. He's neighborly, yet deadly at the same time. Also, this picture made me really want an X the Owl puppet of my own.

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