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Doug Quailman Costume

Finally, Halloween has given me an excuse to break out my green sweater vest. I have no idea where to find underwear like his (or have the guts to purchase them).

Remember to eat your beets kids. They're nature's candy!
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Ladies and gentlemen I give you Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem!!!

Dr. Teeth & the Electric Mayhem Costumes

I remember watching this Jim Henson created rock band group from The Muppet Show. These muppets had more stage presence than Justin Bieber on a good hair day.

Let's hope Dr. Teeth, Janice, Sgt. Floyd Pepper, Zoot, Animal, and Lips make a comeback when the Jason Segel movie The Muppets opens in 2011.

Congratulations to this group for winning best Halloween costume at Pete's Monkey Bar.
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Pee-wee's Playhouse Halloween Costumes

The secret word for these costumes is "awesome".

Everybody gets carried away with Paul Reuben's Pee-wee Herman (myself included) we forget about the other characters of Pee-wee's Playhouse. As you can see Miss Yvonne, Jambi the Genie, and Penny also make kick-ass Halloween costumes.

Too bad Pterri looks dead the way he is being held.
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Old Spice Guy Costume

Now you can be Isaiah Mustafa ( Old Spice Guy ) for Halloween, the man you wish your man would smell like. You just need a towel, some Old Spice, and the ability to ride a horse both forwards and backwards.
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Zombie Gumby Costume

A zombie Gumby costume has to go down as one of the creepiest Halloween costumes I've seen. Even though Gumby is made out of clay or gum and has no bone structure.

I'm sure his side kick Pokey was the first to be attacked. He was probably a little chewy.

If you are looking for a Gumby or Pokey costume than see the links below:
Gumby Costume
Pokey Costume
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