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TMNT Krang Maternity Costume

Awesome maternity costumes are few and far between. But a TMNT Krang drawing on your preggers belly = CLASSIC.
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Toddler Marlboro Cigarettes Costume

If your toddler wants to be a pack of cigarettes for Halloween, that's fine. Just be sure to be a responsible parent and accompany them as a bottle of Jack Daniel's. It's a great father-son bonding experience.
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Kids Suicide Bomber Costume

This is so wrong. So simple yet so effectively offensive. I take my hat of to you, kids suicide bomber costume, you are most definitely WTF worthy.
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Steampunk Abe Lincoln Costume

Want to know who is getting my vote this November? Steampunk Abe Lincoln, that's who. I am voting him President of the Earth. Not because Steampunk Abe Lincoln is the hero we need right now, but he is the hero we deserve. Oh, wait, I think I am talking about Steampunk Batman.
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Decapitated Head in Jar Kids Costume

This decapitated head in jar kids costume is kind of the modern headless horseman costume. But not so much scary as it is creepy. The moth balls and winter gloves were a nice touch.
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