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Kidnapped Mermaid Costume

If you can't decide between dressing up as a sexy mermaid or scary pirate for your Halloween costume, you can always go as both.

To learn how Allison created this costume visit her tutorial.
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3D Halloween Mask

One of the greatest homemade Halloween masks I have ever seen. If you should decide to make your own giant paper replica head, make sure you check the weather for rain.

He must get terrible migraines.
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Hello Kitty Pikachu Costumes

It's about time these two came out as a couple. I like the sexy Hello Kitty costume (she can rub up against my leg any time she wants) better than the Pikachu Halloween costume. How in the world can that be comfortable for him?

I prefer the original sexy Pikachu costume over that one.
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2012 London Olympic Mascots

The 2012 London Olympic mascots (Mandeville and Wenlock) were released to the public. Who on their staff came up with these characters? They look like they would be the arch-nemesis of Gumby.
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Farm Costume

You know you're a redneck when you create a Halloween costume made out of cheap farm toys and green cloth you probably found in the hay barn.
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