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You can do lots of fun things in a Gorilla Costume. You can scare people in the dark, watch a screening of Godzilla shouting "This movie is driving me bananas!", or go to your local zoo and request a conjugal visit. The possibilities are endless.

Caged Man Costume

Poo-flinging is the least of his problems.

Gorilla Thong Costume

Is that a banana in your speedo or are you just glad to see me?
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Tron Costume

Forget Star Trek and Star Wars costumes. The next Halloween costume that says "I need to get laid" is a flesh colored spandex Tron costume with lights.

If at all possible, save yourself the embarrassment and don't have it as tight from the waist down.

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This costume was sent in with the title Working Zombie. I guess during these tough economic times even the walking dead have to make a living.

  • Zombie waking up to go to work

  • Zombie during his lunch break

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Retired Old Hooters Costume

This Hooters Halloween costume is every guy's worst nightmare. If this happens, customers would actually be going to Hooters for the wings.
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Here's a Halloween costume if you have a couple garbage cans lying around. Can his shorts technically be called "capris"?
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