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There is always one person who goes above and beyond when you dress up in zombie Halloween Costumes. She probably thought blotting makeup on her face would be great until she sees her friend completely ripped off his mouth. Remember to visit the dentist at least once a year.
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I've seen a couple versions of this Halloween costume and thought that this one was well done. The thing that I don't understand is why he would only give himself a rating of 3. With all the time he put into this costume why not give yourself at least a 4.

It kind of looks like he is the lonely guy standing in the corner of the party. Which is probably why he's drunk.
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This has to be one of the most disturbing Halloween costumes I've seen in awhile. At least she still looks happy and relaxed.

Must be heavily medicated.
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Oh look at me I'm a rainbow. Oh me? I'm a leopard. Roaaar!! Let's get a photo together!!!
Wait let me hike my shirt up so you can see my coin purse.

These are either really lame costumes that make no sense at all, or just two flaming guys caught on camera. I think it's the former.

Thanks again to Sandy for sending this in.

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Truly this takes the cake and eats it to when it comes to bad taste. Even the pun "Elton Jon Benet" makes you want to back hand his face. Actually the look on his face made me want to do that. I'm hard to offend but I don't think I could have been at the same party as this guy,

For those that don't watch the news more info here.

Thanks to Sandy for sending this in and having the self control not to slap this guy.

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