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Vagina Costume.jpg

If anyone takes offense you just tell them you're actually a badly designed bacon costume.

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Only a man can think up such a tasteless costume. Either this is meant to be Red Rising Hood or John Bobbitt having a nightmare.

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Does this count as a costume?

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Is this John Tesh? This costume speaks for itself.

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Notice how no one else is in costume in this photo. This is what happens when you lose a bet and have to spend an entire semester at college dressed like this.


Why go just as a penis when you can go as a VD. Great posters, they must subscribe to Student Decorating Weekly.


If my penis had black rings around it like this costume depicts I'd be worried. He's one worried looking penis.


This is the Rolls Royce of penis costumes. Accept no substitute when you go to your local costume dealer.

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