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Chef Darth Vader Costume

Mesa like this clever Darth Vader Star Wars Halloween costume. Even if you're full, you'll want to chow down on Jar-Jar. When you eventually vomit you will at last have closure.
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Disney Zombie Costumes

If you thought the Barbarella and Lara Croft costumes couldn't get any sweeter you were wrong. These models are actually draped in chocolate formed to create some of your favorite character costumes. The chance for a melting wardrobe malfunction was high.

While strutting down the runway a chocolate bodybuilders dumbbells fell off. If you don't believe me check it out towards the end of the video.

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Creepy McDonalds Costume

Here is the cousin Ronald McDonald is afraid to talk about. This should be the uniform McDonald's employees have to wear during the month of October. I can picture him saying "Would you like a Happy Meal with that?"

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The Mirror Man is a sharp dressing street performer located in the Los Angeles area. He masks his entire body in hundreds of mirrors; creating a suit that covers his body from head to toe.

From what I can tell The Mirror Mans act consists of standing around and reflecting on his thoughts.

Mirror Man Costume Mirror Man Suit Mirror Man Outfit
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