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"Honk Honk"!!! It's Mosquito "Skeeter" Valentine from my favorite Nickelodeon cartoon Doug! Don't stare at this Halloween costume idea too long; you will cause permanent damage to your retinas.

I want to know where he found those shoes.

Skeeter Valentine Costume

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I wonder if the Ghostbusters have something in their contracts making them NOT responsible for accidentally zapping humans on suspicion of being poltergeist during Halloween.

To be safe they should probably have it for the whole month of October.

Ghostbusters Logo Costume Slimer and Ghostbusters Logo Costumes

These Ghostbusters themed costumes definitely qualify as something strange in the neighborhood. Add to that; the costumes are weird (especially the Slimer Halloween costume) and don't look good. Time pick up the phone and call GHOSTBUSTERS!
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Chef Darth Vader Costume

Mesa like this clever Darth Vader Star Wars Halloween costume. Even if you're full, you'll want to chow down on Jar-Jar. When you eventually vomit you will at last have closure.
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Dog Iguana Costume

Let's face it, your dog is going to look depressed no matter what costume you put on it. So, if you are going to dress your pet up for Halloween you might as well have some fun at the pet's expense.

I'm curious what kind of mutt this would produce.
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Kids iPod Costumes

Nothing like ruining the Halloween season for your kids then by having them dress in consumer product costumes instead of their favorite superhero costume or classic Halloween costumes.

They probably have no idea what an iPod is.
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