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Care Bear Costumes

I loved Care Bears were when I was six. Then I reached the age of seven and stopped caring. Thus, bringing the Caring Meter to zero, destroying Care-a-Lot.

Thankfully there are still people who like to dress in funny Care Bear Halloween costumes in hopes of restoring the city.
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Hamburger Helper Costume

This funny Halloween costume proves that the Hamburger Helper is still a favorite among food mascots.

He used to be in commercials a lot. But, over time he became depressed for not being able to give the middle finger and developed a hand lotion addiction because of it.

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White Goodman Costume

Nothing says "King of Dodgeball" like a purple spandex suit with a cobra on it. You can also accessories your Halloween costume with a dodgeball. It's the perfect defense mechanism for those rowdy nights.

You can tell he's been hitting on this sexy cop all night and thinks he's making progress.
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Cereal Monster Costumes

I'm glad the General Mills monsters Count Chocula and Frankenberry agreed to let outsider Boo Berry be a part of this photo. He's just a stoned version of Casper.
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You can do lots of fun things in a Gorilla Costume. You can scare people in the dark, watch a screening of Godzilla shouting "This movie is driving me bananas!", or go to your local zoo and request a conjugal visit. The possibilities are endless.

Caged Man Costume

Poo-flinging is the least of his problems.

Gorilla Thong Costume

Is that a banana in your speedo or are you just glad to see me?
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