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I'd like to see what Mister Rogers' neighborhood looks like after he talks a stroll through it. Mr. McFeely better watch himself on his delivery route. The Neighborhood of Make-Believe must be in utter chaos!

Zombie Mr. Rogers Costume

He did a killer job on his costume make up. If I had to picture Mister Rogers as a killer zombie this is what he'd look like. He's neighborly, yet deadly at the same time. Also, this picture made me really want an X the Owl puppet of my own.

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Aladdin Magic Carpet Costume

Looks like Princess Jasmine kicked Aladdin out of the palace and was bumped back down to street rat. I guess instead of having his last wish be to set the genie free he should have asked to never have to work again.
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This black and white costume must go into the "it's so good, it's fake" costume category.

Desaturated Santa Claus

The desaturated Santa Lady suit was made by Brody using a grey wig, fabric, contacts, and Kryolan body paint.

She first appeared at the 2009 SantaCon in San Francisco. I believe she also paid a visit to New York in 2010. It could almost become a game at SantaCon, "Where is Desaturated Santa".

Here is a video of her awesome Santa costume for you doubters who believe it's photoshopped:

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Big Lebowski Group Costumes

Wow, these Big Lebowski costumes are really put together well, man.

There are a lot of fun things to do to celebrate The Dude, one of the most memorable characters to hit the big screen with The Big Lebowski. A few of them include: getting drunk on White Russians, shopping for a new rug, or going bowling.

If you attend a Lebowski Fest event you can probably get all of these accomplished, and then some. I am sure you would be welcome with open arms. Walter Sobchak fans remember, no rolling on Shabbos.
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You are sure to be the hit of the party when you dress as everyone's favorite extra terrestrial (besides Alf).

Elliot and E.T. Costume

Based on what I've read all you need for this Elliot and E.T. costume is some basic sketching skills and some appliances you probably have lying around your house.

If you don't have a red hooded sweatshirt you can pick one up for $10-$15. To create E.T. draw out E.T.'s face on the back of a paper bag. His body consists of a pillow, some duct tape, a red light, and an old adjustable shower head.

You then place him in a crate with some bike handles off an old kid's bike and cover it up with a sheet.
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