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What's the best thing about the Christmas holiday season? It's Not the Christmas tree, presents, or spending time with family, but the SantaCons. If you are looking to put a spin on the traditional Santa Costume you can't go wrong with these ideas.

Gangster Santa Costume

  • He's making a list

Pimp Santa Costume

  • He knows when you've been naughty

ALF Elf Costume

  • He watches you while you sleep

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He-man Costume

When I think of He-man I think of Dolph Lundgren and his award worthy performance in Masters of the Universe. But, BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL this He-man Halloween costume could sadly interfere with that.

Is anybody else worried that Carrot Top will see this costume and decide it would be a good look for him?
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District 9 Costume

Truly awesome Wikus van de Merwe Halloween costume from the movie District 9. This costume has everything covered from the alien eye to the can of cat food. He even took the time to create an employee badge.

It goes to show you - if you want a kickass Halloween costume, add a badge to it.
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Where the Wild Things Are costumes would make great group Halloween costumes this year. The only problems are: who gets stuck wearing the wolf costume, and finding a bar where you can actually have room to move around.

At least now you actually have an excuse to start howling and throwing objects or yourselves around when you've had a little too much to drink.
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Don't these Halloween costumes just make you want to get a massive group together and create one of the most boring war reenactments ever.
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