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There just something about a women with a chainsaws that tickles my fancy. Maybe it's because I know if I ever need firewood I'd set. I'm told the other Chain Saw wielding woman is Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Either way both can have a hack at my great pine if in the area. (boom tish)

Looking at the Ash statue it seems she could have exposed a nipple to be 100% authentic.

Thanks to Local H (Ash in the photos) for sending these in. Great work

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Not only is the cutest Megaman costume I've seen there are instructions on how to build it! I doubt I will look as cute as this though.

Thanks to Allison B for sending this in

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This kid's Darth Vader costume kicks your store bought costume hands down.

Thanks to Christopher McCoy for sending this in. I hope this kid won something for this costume.

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If you're going to dress as one of the most bad ass superheroes Wolverine you better look like this guy. No one will tell this guy that Wolverine doesn't wear camo pants.


And not this guy.


Here's a collection of the good and bad Wolverine Halloween costumes out there. Get in early before the movie comes out next year and everyone is wearing this for Halloween 2009.


Wolverine = cool. Zombies = cool. Zombie Wolverine = very cool



This guy actually has real retractable claws. And probably ended up poking out the eye of his date at a Halloween party too.



Don't let your mom wear the costume this year though.


Or the local stripper

And if you've left your Halloween costume buying to last minute you know you're going to end up with this


and worse still this very crap Wolverine costume.

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These Lego Star Wars costumes are genius. Basically take anything Star Wars and mash it with something else (ie Boba Fet Pimp Costume or Storm Trooper Elvis costume) and you have a great Halloween costume.

If anyone has any more good Star Wars costume mashups please send them in.

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