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Sexy Female Assassins Creed Costume

Wow, that is some great assassins creed cosplaying going on. How does one join the assassin's creed? I'd settle for being uploaded into the Animus interface to relive her memories. Hehehe... that would be awesome.
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Steampunk Freddy KruegerCostume

Steampunk Freddy Krueger Costume. Once again proving adding welding googles and a gas mask to any costume can make it steampunk. And therefore... cool.
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Star Wars X Wing Fighter Pilot Beard Costume

X-Wing Pilot with X-Wing Beard. Yeah... the rebel alliance keep him in the special squadron. George Lucas- This.Is.Your.Legacy.
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Mini Judge Dredd Kids Costume

This Judge Dredd is really bad ass. It is hard to imagine any kid who gets this costume doesn't have a bit of an attitude problem though. "Give me a juicebox- I am the Law!"
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Sexy Female Cyclops X-Men Costume

Redhead babe + cyclops costume + midriff + SDCC = we all need to become "professional photographers" and pray we can get tickets to next year's Comic Con.
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