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Battleship Costume

Turret Gun Layout

Battleship Costume Construction

Happy Battleship Costume Friends

Well if this isn't the perfect buddy costume. I like the look of their faces in the last picture. I bet someone said "I'm going to sink your battleship!" for the twentieth time that day and they're trying to make it look like it's the first time they've heard it.

Believe it or not this massive 2 person Battleship Halloween costume is packing live artillery (4 automatic NERF guns).

The whole costume is made from painted cardboard and contains the following:

  • Beer holder on each turret (wouldn't be a true battleship without them)
  • Ammo box on each turret with 120 bullets
  • Removable bridge section with figures inside
  • Elasticated shoulder straps
  • Removable flag

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Lucas Barton Wizard Costume

Awesome costume based on Lucas Barton from the classic 1989 film The Wizard, STARRING...Fred Savage!

Remember how jealous you were when Lucas dramatically took out his metal brief case (with inside padding) and played him some Rad Racer with The Power Glove? That was back when "knowing" 97 video games was a turn on for girls.

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What do you get when you're sporting a vintage costume, chin curtain beard, top hat, steampunk gadgetry, and a bad ass attitude? Robo Abraham Lincoln!

Robo Lincoln Steampunk Costume

Steampunked Abraham Lincoln Costume

These pictures are so patriotic. The only thing that's missing to push it over the top is him holding the American flag.
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Halloween is probably like Christmas for child molesters. Especially for pedophiles that have ankle monitors on their leg such as this creeper.

Creepy Pedophile Costume

Look at the excitement on his face. I bet he even combed his mustache. You can't blame him, it's the only time his treats come to him.

Thanks Mr. Mosley for sending in this homemade pedophile costume. You probably didn't have to dress up though. Just tell people your name is Mr. Mosley and I'm sure they would've figured out what you were for Halloween.
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Fantastic Mr Fox Costume

I wonder if she thinks George Clooney is in that Fantastic Mr. Fox costume. By the look on her face she's ready to go back to his fox den.
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