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Kids Tin Tin Costume

The Adventures of Tintin movie might have not lived up to all expectations, but this kid knows it is still a pretty bad ass costume. He even has the dog Snowy. I wonder was sleuthing adventures he finds his way into at whatever con he is apparently at. Hopefully finding this guy as wonder woman didn't scar him.
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Little Toddler Chucky Costume

Holy Sh*t this is creepy! Keep this kid away from me. I would probably mistake it for being a real Chucky and kick it preemptively. You know, in defense. Because Chucky dolls are really creepy.
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Mini Judge Dredd Kids Costume

This Judge Dredd is really bad ass. It is hard to imagine any kid who gets this costume doesn't have a bit of an attitude problem though. "Give me a juicebox- I am the Law!"
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Kids Eyeball Costume

Back Kids Eyeball Costume

This kid looks so excited in their eyeball costume. Look at all those veins.. gross. Who wants to be reminded that their eye has a bunch of veins attached to it? Do you think this kid ended up becoming an eye surgeon or a psychopath?
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Kids Breaking Bad Heisenberg Costume

Breaking Bad- the show that is inspiring a new generation of young chemists.
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