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Edward Scissorhands Junior Costume

He is rocking the perfect Edward Scissorhands costume and expression.

Even though he's giving the look every kid gives you when you dress them up in Halloween costume based on a character they don't know. Yet, it makes this costume all the more awesome.
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Baby Tron Costume
Toddler Tron Costume

When I was growing up all I got was hand-me-down clothes. This babies parents went all out and crafted a whole onesie Tron suit. Not fair.

I am sure that Tron Guy is proud that his legacy might live on with this toddler.
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Kids Gnome Costume

A gnome costume is more for being punished then having fun. If your kid is being bad forget having them sit in a corner. No, it would be much more penalizing to have them get dressed in their gnome Halloween costume and stand still in the front yard.

That'll teach 'em.
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Not only is the cutest Megaman costume I've seen there are instructions on how to build it! I doubt I will look as cute as this though.

Thanks to Allison B for sending this in

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This kid's Darth Vader costume kicks your store bought costume hands down.

Thanks to Christopher McCoy for sending this in. I hope this kid won something for this costume.

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