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Banksy Graffiti Costume

For those of you who don't know Banksy is renown graffiti street artist. This costume duplicates one of his works. Chances are this guy had to explain this to everyone he met on Halloween night only to replied with, "yeah bro, graffiti is pretty sweet."
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Kids Princess Zipper Face Costume

Trick or Treat! Holy F#^k! Here kid, take as much candy as you want. Just get the hell off my doorstep. This little Princess Zipper Face will be haunting my nightmares for some time. Well done.
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Futurama Fry Brain Slug Costume

What a great idea. There needs to be more Futurama costumes out there on the circuit. Brain Slug Fry is a clear winner. Possible accessories? A Planet Express package, Slurm soda can or a Holophonor would all be great companions to this costume.
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Daria and Jane Costumes

Daria and Jane Cartoon

Very cool Cosplay costumes from the American animated MTV series Daria. You can compare how accurate these Daria Morgendorffer and Jane Lane costumes are with the image from the show that inspired it.

I wish they had stuck with original drinking glasses. But what can you do? Coca-Cola advertising and tables go hand in hand.

Check out some additional Daria images here and a retail Daria costume here
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Robo Lincoln Steampunk Costume

Steampunked Abraham Lincoln Costume

Thanks to Bob for sending in his costume. He created the perfect Halloween costume if your goal is to stand around and not do anything. Unless you want to pull a Ghostbusters II at times and dance around to "Higher and Higher".

There is a downside. You might get some punk teenagers trying to answer the age old question of what's up the skirt for themselves.

Where did he find those sandals? They look like the actual pair on the Statue of Liberty.
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