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Cookie Monster Hunter Costume

Since Cookie Monsters are in low supply you should ethically not waste any part of them. I wonder how PETA would feel about this Halloween costume. Bring on the red paint!
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Sweeney Todd Costumes

I have to say these Sweeney Todd costumes look pretty dead on to the movie version costumes. I had no idea at first the person in the Sweeny Todd costume was a girl.

Mrs. Lovett gives me the creeps. I don't buy she wanted man meat just for her pies.
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Zombie Mario Costume

Either this costume is a mix between a Zombie and a Mario Costume or our worst fears are realized. Mario has moved from shrooms to meth. Regardless, he is still going to bite you and steal all your coins.
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Undead Doctor Costume

If I couldn't get Doogie Howser as my doctor my next choice would be to have zombie Dr. McBrainy operate on me. He looks dead-icated to his patients.
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The Birds Costume

This Halloween costume is the perfect example for you to remember to feed your local birds. Otherwise getting pooped on will be the least of your problems.
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