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This costume was sent in with the title Working Zombie. I guess during these tough economic times even the walking dead have to make a living.

  • Zombie waking up to go to work

  • Zombie during his lunch break

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Oh no, he cut his hand off with duct-tape (Always think safety first kids). This would be a great group Halloween costume if you had a flock of girls in a sexy Nurse Costume.

I don't think the Cat in the Hat knows what he's getting into.
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There is always one person who goes above and beyond when you dress up in zombie Halloween Costumes. She probably thought blotting makeup on her face would be great until she sees her friend completely ripped off his mouth. Remember to visit the dentist at least once a year.
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This was sent in by Craig Musselman and he's one of those guys who wins all the local costume competitions. What I love about this costume is that its built off a base of motocross gear. Which means if shit goes down and a sword fight or battle takes place you're protected.

This looks like a combination of store bought and custom elements. I like the leaves as a final touch. The only bad thing is trying to hook up at Halloween will be tough when you look like this.

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There just something about a women with a chainsaws that tickles my fancy. Maybe it's because I know if I ever need firewood I'd set. I'm told the other Chain Saw wielding woman is Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Either way both can have a hack at my great pine if in the area. (boom tish)

Looking at the Ash statue it seems she could have exposed a nipple to be 100% authentic.

Thanks to Local H (Ash in the photos) for sending these in. Great work

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