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If you really want to freak the person you are stalking then try this. Get a photo of their face, tear it up and paste that onto your face. Then arrive unannounced at a fancy dress Halloween party that person is also attending and follow them around saying nothing.

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Dear Eli Roth, Sam Rami, the guys who made SAW, or even Rob Zombie.

Please make your next horror maniac a guy in this costume. It's scary enough as it is and the killers stick could be he removes people's adam's apples and bread baskets from their living bodies with giant, razor sharp tweezers. The movie ends with the killer being electrocuted but not badly enough to stop sequels.

It'd be called OPERATION: Batteries not included

If this gets made all I want is an executive producer credit.

The previous Operation costume was scary but in a different way.

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Eric sent this in to me. He's the one dressed as Ash from Evil dead. Thats Jason and a zombie also in the photo. While everyone's gone to a fantastic effort on their costume they forgot that a zombie has no need for an axe. That is unless it was a lumberjack zombie but then he'd be wearing plaid.

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Why go to all the effort and forgot shoes! Still a great costume but would be a pain to get a drink at the bar in.

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Michael Jackson is one freaky mofo.

As seen on Flickr

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