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Sexy Chewbacca Costume

I think Han Solo wished really really hard and his Jedi Fairy Godmother granted his request. This sexy Chewbacca costume really makes you question what else from Star Wars could be gender-bent successfully. Sexy Admiral Ackbar anyone? It's a trap!
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Pokemon Ash Pikachu Couples Costume

The guy's expression says it all- "Damn right kids- one day, you too can have a girlfriend who dresses as a sexy cartoon character and not have it be weird" Long live the American Dream.
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Sexy Womens Boba Fett Costume

Bamm! I'd let her freeze me in carbonite.
The fact sexy Boba Fett is a ginger: NOT a dealbreaker.
The fact I don't see a jetpack in the picture: Possible Dealbreaker
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Slave Leia Harley Quinn and The Joker Jedi Costumes

What a great mash-up! Especially the Harley Quinn Slave Leia. This really reopens all the possible fantasies involving slave Leia metal bikini. Please send in more.
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Bodybuilder Batman Costume

So that's what Batman looks like under the costume. Hmmm... his modesty is also surprisingly gone. The idea of the psychologically torn caped crusader is a bit lost in this photo.
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