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Cosplay is much easier for cute girls. Basically you put on any costume and it's instantly sexy. Like this one from Riddle


I think I'm in love!

It's between Hellgirl and Dr Girlfriend for the biggest nerd boner costume of the year.

Here's some other attempts at the same costume with varying success.


This Hellboy dude should cheer up.

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Danielle sent this to me not knowing I have a thing for purple haired chicks. ZZZZZaaaap!

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Where do I find a ball of wool costume on short notice!?

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Where would the world be without blondes. This is definetly one to wear to the office xmas party.

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I have never wanted to dress as a butterfly more than right now. Talk deep to me. Deeper!!!

As seen on Flickr.

For thos who don't watch Venture Bros here's more info on Dr Girlfriend. Oh go buy Venture Bros DVD you fools.

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