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I think Scientologists have been given a bad wrap. Well that's what I' be saying if the Sea Org representative looked and dressed like this like this. I'd take all the free stress test it took.
Get this Sexy Sailor Costume here and if the Scientology overtones seem a little unsexy then just recreate Gilligans Island.

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I originally thought this was a Metroid costume but now after actually checking online I have no idea what it is.

But let this be a lesson to all women. Costumes make you look sexier. If you want to get noticed just wear this all the time.

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Sometimes not sticking to the authentic costume works much better.

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Kick an' a punch!!!! Basing your halloween costume on an already simple video game character is the simple path to a good costume.

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Here the Japanese show us how the Catgirl costumes are done. Western attempts have previously failed.

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