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Sexy Female Wompa Star Wars Costume

Sexy Wompa Costume
"Wowsa little Ani, thatsa snow monster making me feel mighty funny inside." -Jar Jar BInks final words before being torn apart by the elusive female Wompa from the planet Hoth.
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Sexy Middle Earth Map Dress- Lord of the RIngs Dress

Middle Earth Map Dress. The South Road into Minas Tirith has never looked more sexy. Wait, wait... you will be lucky to make the journey to the Fields of Pelennor. LOL. I am making nerd map jokes about Gondor being located at her crotch.
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Sexy Female Cyclops X-Men Costume

Redhead babe + cyclops costume + midriff + SDCC = we all need to become "professional photographers" and pray we can get tickets to next year's Comic Con.
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Sweeney Todd Mrs Lovett Costumes

Dear WTF Costumes,
Attached is a picture of me and my ex-girlfriend as Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett. You already have one on the site but I think ours is better.
These costumes do not fall into the category pf 'simple.' as it took us months of shopping and sewing to put them together. I handmade the knife holster from leather from scratch.

Dear Kevin,
Your homemade leather knife holster is really bad ass. This will find its way into the 'Complex' category on the website. This will also find its way into the 'Sexy' category because your ex is a smoking Mrs. Lovett.
Keep on Truck'n,
WTF Costumes
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Sexy Female Skeletor

This is like zombie pin-up art. I'm so conflicted inside. To boner or not to boner?- that is the question.
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