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The New 52 Supergirl Costume

The DC universe got a reboot last year. 'The New 52' update saw a lot of costume changes as well. We're liking the makeover for Supergirl.  She still makes the cape sexy.

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Zombie Emma Frost

What could possible be off camera to distract Zombie Hulk from what is going on front and center? Emma Frost.  Zombie. Body-painted costume. HULK NOT IMPRESSED!
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Sexy Minecraft Tamed Wolf

Someone sure threw her a few bones. I can't help imagining this Minecraft cosplayer frolicking around the land and swimming in the lake in her sexy wolf costume. She says she's tamed but, I'm sure she won't be for too long.

How many "creepers" do you think were hanging around her?

She probably yelled "Go block off!" or something lame like that.
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Custom Made Fancy Dresses

Here are some really crafty dresses from Nicole Linder. The cost of admission for a 3D movie might actually be worth it if the 3D glasses outift was the dress code for female ticket holders.

And what else is there to say about the toy gun Halloween sure get the BANG for your buck.
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Sexy...yet formal (somewhat) at the same time.

Sexy Dumber and Dumbre Tuxedos

Ladies, we know that you are jealous when your date rocks out an awesome Dumb and Dumber tuxedo. Good news is that you can join in on the fun and create your own version. I think sooner or later companies will get wise and create something similar to these for purchase.

Is that guy drinking out of a boot shaped glass? I know that's the last thing I should be looking at. I want one!!!
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