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Carmen Sandiego Costume

Except for what looks to be duct tape on her hat I'd say this is one of the better Carmen Sandiego Halloween costumes.

I always preferred Waldo because I was never very good at the Carmen Sandiego educational games. You could say I wouldn't be a very good ACME agent. But now she's growing on me (She's hot).

Want to know where in the world Carmen Sandiego is? Ask Chuck Norris, he knows.
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Sexy Black Widow Costume

Black Widow Costume

Oh black leather you have yet to disappoint me when it comes to sexy costumes.

I know if you are dressing in an Iron Man Costume this Halloween you are probably single. But, if you can find someone to dress as Black Widow that would make a killer couples costume.
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Sexy Ninja Warrior Costume

As long as she is wearing this sexy ninja costume she can kick my ass or assassinate me any time she wants.
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And the nerd boner of the year award goes to.

Based on the girl in the Sexy Padme Amidala Costume, I am surprised that hasn't become more popular with the Star Wars fans. How many people do you think had their car washed and then came back?

Padme Amidala Costume

  • Never in my life did I think I would be jealous of Jawas

Sexy Amidala Costume

  • The Stormtroopers and Sand People are doing an excellent job standing guard.

Leia Slave Costume

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Hello Kitty Pikachu Costumes

It's about time these two came out as a couple. I like the sexy Hello Kitty costume (she can rub up against my leg any time she wants) better than the Pikachu Halloween costume. How in the world can that be comfortable for him?

I prefer the original sexy Pikachu costume over that one.
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