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Bathroom Wall Costume

Something tells me this is what the sleazy Dr. Suess originally had in mind when creating the Thing 1 and Thing 2 characters. I personally think these Halloween costumes are an improvement over the original red sleeper costumes.

Dr. Suess must have also been in a creative slump if the best names he could come up with were Thing 1 and Thing 2.
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Sexy Ninja Turtles

Oh the Halloween costumes you can come up with. Never did I think I would use the words "sexy" and "teenage mutant ninja turtles" in a title. I can just picture them crawling around in the secret ooze.
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Sexy Lion Costumes

It's always sad when lions are hunting and killing their prey on wilderness shows. But, I wouldn't mind getting mauled by these two in sexy lion Halloween costumes.
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Padme Snow Bunny Costume

How exactly is this costume from the Clone Wars supposed to keep you warm in a snow storm? Not that I am complaining, the costume is very form fitting, has two fuzzy ball strings, and comes with a state of the art talking gun. Perfect for Halloween.
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Yuna Final Fantasy Costume

I don't know much about Yuna, or Final Fantasy for that matter. But, based on this picture I imagine she doesn't clean up after herself, would like to travel the world someday, and likes to play with naked / headless dolls.
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