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The Harlem Shake phenomenon is definitely bringing back the stupid video concept to YouTube. Most of these Shake videos contain some great WTF costume moments. Take a break from your day and enjoy some of these treasures from the gutters of YouTube.
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Kids Centaur Costume

Oh my, the dreaded and elusive centaur costume. Epic if you can figure out how to do it right, sad when it turns out like this. Maybe one day costume mechanics will catch up so that we can all dress up as badass centaurs, but we have more of a chance of reaching the technological singularity first.
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Dumbledora Mashup Costume

What a great mashup costume. Dumbledora. Think about it, look at the picture for a bit and then you will get it. Are wizard spells the same in English and Spanish?
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Aspiring Gynecologist Costume

Here's another fan submitted photo. Some people will dress up as their favorite profession for Halloween, something they always wanted to be growing up- like an Astronaut or Fireman. Perhaps it is not the average kid that dreams of becoming a Gynecologist one day- but to each their own! Needless to say, this man has a very proud mother somewhere.
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Identity Thief Costume

Here is at a last minute costume idea for Halloween- the Identity Thief. You know, someone who steals your personal information and CC numbers online. It is good to see the classic pantyhose over the face look has survived in the thief profession as they transitioned from analog to digital.
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