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The Sweet Relish guy is stoned off his dial.

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Choosing a costume for this years Halloween is easy. Just don't wear this and you'll be fine.

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I'm not even sure if the last one is a costume or a feminist art project.

With so much interest in penis costumes I thought we'd show the other side for once.

Yes the #1 search term that links to this site is penis costume. Quite sad really. This is the costume equivalent of a fart joke. Low brow to say the least.

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If you're going to do a big group effort and create as many Xmen costumes as you can and someone rocks up with a fur coat and says "I'm sabertooth!!!!" you tell her to fuck off and try harder. Same with anyone who makes Wolverines claws out of tin foil.

Thanks for sending that in Marcus. I hope it wasn't your Wolverine costume though I just shate on.

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Whenever I hear the word Nintendo Fan boy i think of this guy. It makes me angry that this is the image that springs to mind. So I'm sharing it with you all to spread the pain.

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